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8 Cannabis Accessories That Every Stoner Needs Nearby

cannabis accessories

Every stoner worth their salt needs to have convenient cannabis accessories within reaching distance. Be prepared or be prepared to fail. I am starting to sound more like my authoritarian father as I get older. It’s good to keep on top of things, especially if you are a ganja smoker who continually forgets stuff when high… which is pretty much all of us.

Did you ever go into the kitchen when stoned only to forget why you are there? That’s because you didn’t get all your cannabis accessories in check before you started blazing. It’s a schoolboy error I’m afraid. In order to combat this dreaded affliction.

I have some advice so you have everything you need without having to move too much. Here are the accessories that every serious cannabis smoker needs to have nearby.

#1 – Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps

This stuff doesn’t roll itself. Being a cannabis smoker and not having some rolling papers or blunt wraps handy is like trying to drink water through your fingers because you don’t have a cup. For sure, smoking herbs via a joint or blunt is the only way to get high, but it’s one of the most convenient and effective.

Make sure you have some rolling papers on hand. I love those RAW papers that are made from hemp, but everyone is different.

#2 – Bunsen Burner Lighter

Any kind of lighter is okay, but every stoner should have a Bunsen Burner-style lighter close at hand. These types of lighters omit a very focused thin blue flame, which is great if you are smoking a bong. I like these because you can fill them with gas and last for eternity.

#3 – Bongs and Pipes

I love a good bong and/or pipe, and you should too. Smoking joints is all well and good, but sometimes you just have to change things up. I prefer to smoke bongs that use water to filter the smoke because it’s one of the safest ways to smoke. But having a bong is one of the best and most cool cannabis accessories that every stoner can own.

I also suggest that having access to some kind of one-hit pipe is a great alternative. Pips and bongs are the ultimate cannabis accessories that you need to have nearby for the best session.

#4 – A Good Rolling Tray

Rolling joints can result in more mess and debris than a nuclear explosion. Instead of nuclear fallout, you get herb dust, so it’s not too bad. A good rolling tray ensures that you do not make a mess everywhere and you also catch any potentially lost weed that might have ended up on the floor. You can keep your papers, bongs, weed, grinder, and everything you need on the tray to have everything in one place.

Companies like RAW make specially designed trays for cannabis smokers, and they are not so expensive. This might be one of the best cannabis accessories you ever purchase.

#5 – Weed Grinder

Are you forever on the grind? If you are a cannabis smoker, you should be. The only way to get consistent herbs for your joints and bongs is by using a weed grinder. For sure, you could go old school and use a knife, or more spectacularly, a machete, to chop up your weed, but those options are troublesome and time-consuming.

They are the best and most inexpensive way to ensure your weed is chopped up consistently. And the best part about some of the best weed grinders is they have a few compartments. It can even catch kief in the lower compartment. So every now and then, you get some kief as well. Every cannabis connoisseur needs a weed grinder on hand.

#6 – Dab Rig Setup

Have you ever smoked THC wax or dabs? Well, if not, it’s about time that you did. The only problem with smoking dabs and wax is you need a special bong called a Dab Rig. At first impression, the rig looks no different from any other standard glass bong. However, if you look closely, it comes with a specially-designed quartz banger that is used to place your dabs before heating them up.

You could use a normal bong that you already have and buy a separate quartz banger that fits on your pre-existing bong. But I recommend that you buy a proper Dab Rig Setup.

#7 – Munchies on Hand

Did you ever embark on a monumental smoking session only to release you are now starring, need to eat, and basically have the dreaded munchies? If you didn’t plan for these before and do not have snacks on hand, you messed up big-style. Don’t make the same mistake that many famished stoners made before you. Some of them are still out there trawling the streets trying to find a 24-hour store.

Always make sure you have lots of snacks nearby in case of such an eventuality. Crisps, potato chips, chocolate, cookies, and even sandwiches are the best options. This might not be one of the most important cannabis accessories until it’s 3 am in the morning and you are stoned and need to eat.

#8 – Great Music and Movies

Last but not least, you need something to do when stoned. Obviously not something too hectic or physical, but something nonetheless. You need something to get your mind working or to engage your intellect and creativity. There is nothing like watching a movie or listening to great music when you are lifted.

Music and marijuana go together like Cheech and Chong, like hand and glove, so to speak. Cinema, art, music, and anything creative are the perfect foil for a cannabis smoking session. Make sure you have something to do or you might end up masturbating on the internet again! Just me?

Convenient Cannabis Smoking Sessions

Hassle-free ganja smoking sessions are what stoners are all about. Trouble and strife and being stoned do not meld well together. So the best way to ensure convenience is to have all your cannabis accessories close at hand. Make sure you have papers, a bong, or a pipe, depending on your method of choice. And you’ll need a good light as well.

And do not forget to ensure that you have something creative or engaging to do when you are stoned. Getting all your proverbial ducks in line is imperative. Preparation is key, especially before you’ve started smoking while you are still compos Mentos. I advise that you have all these cannabis accessories, or most of the nearby before you start blazing.

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