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Master list - All Cannabis Strains 4

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Cherry Fritter Strain


Effect & Flavours: A cross between the popular Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, this pretty hybrid looks the part and packs a punch. Expect tropical, fruity flavours and a happy high that’ll have you giggling, munching and drowsy. Perfect for stress and pain relief.

Pink Mint Strain


Effect & Flavours: Fascinating body high leaving you flying physically and stayed with feeling of clear and focused mind. Smoking these flowers brings you enjoying slightly sweet fruity taste leaving you with diesels and a bit floral aftertaste.

Peanut Butter Gelato Strain


Effect & Flavours: The first smell of Peanut Butter Gelato is like a bag of fresh salty peanuts. The strain taste is quite accurate to its name: nutty and gassy taste and a bit sweet aftertaste.

Mandarin Pop Strain


Effect & Flavours: Mandarin Pop is a delightful hybrid strain that boasts a delicious combination of gassy and tangy flavors. Its genetics are a mix of the popular Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset strains, which makes for a potent and flavorful experience.

Papaya Gelato Strain


Effect & Flavours: As accurate as it’s name Papaya Gelato has Quite smooth papaya taste with a bit hazy and refreshing tones. This flower has euphoric and energetic effects. It is best for a tough day or to cure a bad mood. It is also great for depression. Suitable to smoke during the day.


Effect & Flavours: Perfect for a mid-day smoke. Dream factory leaves a mild sweetness and a hint of fruity aroma on your palette. It gets you extremely talkative and uplifting, while having a mellow cerebral high. Engage in conversations like never before with this strain.

Orange Kush Cake


Effect & Flavours: Also known as OKC is definitely good choice for a tangy sativa lovers. The buds have a potent cross being the result of its fresh orange taste. On the one hand The Orange Kush Cake makes you feel relaxed.

Apple Jetlato


Effect & Flavours: Apple Jetlato is a Sativa Hybrid strain created by crossbreeding Apple Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato. Its enticing gassy and sweet flavor profile provides a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.

Gorilla Glue


Effect & Flavours: It releases a pungent earthy aroma with notes of pine and citrus. GG#4 is known for its strong cerebral effects. It can bring on a feeling of euphoria and creativity, while also providing an uplifting and energetic buzz.

Mandarin Cookies Strain


Effect & Flavours: A strain aptly named, Mandarin Cookie is tangy and strong. Despite being a balanced hybrid by the numbers, the effects are more indica leaning. Expect a calming and sedating buzz that’ll lighten the mood and have you relaxed the whole session.

Kush Mintz


Effect & Flavours: Kush Mintz has an insanely delicious sugary cookie flavor with a rich spicy exhale. The aroma is of earthy herbs and fruits with a notable cookie effect. It is a great choice for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Blue Diesel


Effect & Flavours: The Blue Diesel strain is a hybrid known for its recognisable diesel taste with a bit of berries notes. This strain is prized for its uplifting and energetic effects, which can be both motivational and creative. It is an ideal choice for daytime use, as it can provide a boost you need throughout the day.



Effect & Flavours: Pink Panther is great for migrains and headaches. It will make you happy and laughing away with your friends. It will also make you crave those munchies. It has a sour citric nose to it and when you inhale the smoke, you can taste the gassy note in it.

Birthday Cake Strain


Effect & Flavours: Be ready for a great experience of a blissful state of mind and an uplifting body high. It is quite soft and smooth. This strain has citric taste with sweet aftertaste staying with you as well.



Effect & Flavours: Mimosa is a very pleasant smoke as it is sweet and fruity with notes of citrus. The perfect strain to get you started as it immediately hits you with a clear, euphoric boost of energy, and sharp focus that is sure to brighten up your day.

Skunk 1 Strain


Effect & Flavours: Skunk #1 is one of the older strain and is a parentage to almost all of the Skunk variety. It taste earthy and sweet and gives off a chill relaxing high as your stress melt away. You’ll also feel energetic and hungry as well.

Biscotti Pancake Strain


Effect & Flavours: One of the breed that came from multiple legendary strains. Biscotti Pancakes tastes nutty and sweet, while also has a small hint of berries in there. You’ll feel a slight head buzz and all of your stress will melt away.

Spotless Mind


Effect & Flavours: This strain is perfect for wake n bake. With a sweet taste akin to ripen banana, Spotless Mind will makes you vibing to your favourite music while still able to do your daily task. It gives off an upbeat energetic high, while still hold you in focus and your mind unclouded.

Gelato Sundae


Effect & Flavours: This sweet sweet buds will blows your mind! The flavour you get from it is phenomenal, with a sweet and fruity notes to every puff you take. You will feel relaxed and have a body-stoned effect. Your thoughts will run wild for sure as well.


Effect & Flavours: This sativa-dominant variety boasts a citrus, floral-pine aroma that translates perfectly into a full-bodied flavour profile. Ideal for creative sessions, Moonshine Haze will keep you lifted, focused and give you that energetic edge in whatever task you set your mind too.

#1 Stunna


Effect & Flavours: Stunna #1 appears with its beautiful buds smelling as accurate as smoke taste. The flowers have pine and diesel flavour with hints of woody spices. The high produces relaxing and energetic effects. Good for smoke during a day.

Colt 45


Effect & Flavours: Colt 45 is an ideal strain for creative and energetic highs with sweet and earthy flavors. Use it in moderation as it can lead to couch lock and head-focused highs. It effectively alleviates insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and depression.

Jokerz zero strain


Effect & Flavours: Jokerz Zero is an indica dominant hybrid that has strong earthy and floral notes with a hint of sweet gas and candy aroma. The high is laid back and euphoric, with a tingly body buzz that leaves users totally at ease.

OZ Kush


Effect & Flavours: Every inhale of Oz Kush is a journey into a world of tranquility. This strain provides a sedative, relaxing, and calming experience that’s akin to a gentle lullaby rocking you into a serene state of peace.

Papa Smurf


Effect & Flavours: This bud has a skunky, but piney smell. It is not too heavy and is a very enjoyable smoke. It will make you feel a bit numb in both your body and mind, which makes it great for pain and stress relief. It also has a sedative effect that will make the user feel serene.

Cookies & Cream


Effect & Flavours: Cookies and Cream is a tasty hybrid with a scent of sweet vanilla cream and flavours of nutty, earthy herbs. Expect a high that’s happy and euphoric, with powerful pain and stress relief properties that also make it ideal for medicinal use.



Effect & Flavours: Gelonade taste a bit like lemon with a little bitter tone. This is actually similar to Thai herb called Kaffir Lime, which has a great aroma and helps unblocking your sinus. This strain will makes you feel confident and a bit tingly. Good to use with your love ones.



Effect & Flavours: Melona is a strain that’s as bright and refreshing as its name suggests. Its fresh lemon taste is subtly sweet, making each puff an exhilarating and refreshing experience with a mild citrusy kick. Melona launches you into a cerebral and focused high, making it perfect for those looking for a creative and intellectual session.

Strawberry Lemonade


Effect & Flavours: Strawberry Lemonade has a nice looking bud. It smells fruity yet earthy, but taste fruity and sour like its name. It is not a super strong high, but a long lasting one. This award winning strain will give you energy and makes you feel uplifted

Goji Lotus


Effect & Flavours: Goji Lotus is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers a highly relaxing experience, often causing a couch-lock sensation. This strain has a delightful earthy, peppery, skunky, and sweet flavor profile.

Garlic Butter


Effect & Flavours: Garlic Butter is an Indica Hybrid strain that boasts a unique mix of flavors and effects being perfectly smooth smoke, which enhances the overall experience of consuming the one.

Soul Fuel


Effect & Flavours: This strain of cannabis, Soul Fuel, is an indoor strain with genetics that include Skunk #1, Shiva, Northern Lights 5, and Afghanand. It leans towards sativa and has a potent, energetic, and euphoric effect, making it a good choice for creative work.

Pink Lemonade


Effect & Flavours: Pink Lemonade has a fruity, citrus flavour and refreshingly sweet aroma. Most users will experience a cerebral high as they begin to feel an uplifting wave of euphoria and a sense of focus.

Candy Pave


Effect & Flavours: Candy Pavé is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is perfect for activities such as playing computer games, watching movies, getting a massage, or sleeping. This strain is known to provide a strong sense of euphoria and a deeply relaxing body high.



Effect & Flavours: Found on every Dutch Coffee Shop menu for decades, White Widow is a powerful strain that certainly ticks all the boxes. Boasting a delightful, fruity-citrus scent and a strong skunk flavour, this perfectly balanced hybrid packs a potent all-round high.



Effect & Flavours: Cinex is a sativa hybrid strain of C99 x Vortex breed that is quite potent result. It provides a smoker enough motivation and energy to speed up their daily tasks while also inducing a clear-headed effect.

Dawgs Bollocks


Effect & Flavours: Dawgs Bollocks is a great strain for anyone looking for a calming and focused high. With its mix of Sour Tangie and Stardawg. Smoking one meets with citrus flavour, turning to candy-like sweet one. The nuttiness is only slightly noticeable, but it helps round out the taste.

Gusher Mintz


Effect & Flavours: A delicate hybrid that has a calming and stress relieving effect, while also heightening sensory perception. The hype strain parentage creates a unique flavor profile that is both Minty and fruity, yet has a deep earthy exhale that is sure to delight.

GMO Cookies


Effect & Flavours: A connoisseur variety for sure, GMO Cookies has flavors that are out of this world! A garlic and diesel forward variety known for loud bag appeal, GMO Cookies is also well known for it’s wonderful euphoric, pain relieving medicinal properties.

Cindy 99


Effect & Flavours: Cindy 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by breeding Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. Effects can be described as blissful, laughing, even going to cerebral. at the same time it provides a calming, and relaxing effects. Light users may experience a slightly buzzy side-effect.

Morning Coffee


Effect & Flavours: The genetics of Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet comes to its well-balanced indica hybrid strain that offers a smooth and pleasant high. The immediate effects are awakening and uplifting. Then users might find transition into calming and stoned sensations.

Leopard Vuitton


Effect & Flavours: Leopard Vuitton is a Sativa Hybrid strain with genetics from London Pound Cake and Gorilla Haze. It has a unique blend of flavors that are both earthy and tangy, with a noticeable lemony undertone.