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Best Board Games To Play While High in 2024

Best Board Games To Play While High in 2024

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Finding the perfect board game to play with friends can be tough, especially when you want to add a little extra fun by enjoying some cannabis. You might worry about choosing a game that’s too complex or not engaging enough.

Today, they’re sharing their picks for the best board games to enjoy while elevated. This article will guide you through various options guaranteeing laughter-filled evenings with friends under a green haze.

Get ready for some unforgettable nights!

Best Board Games to Play While High

Playing board games can significantly improve the experience of being high, offering a fun and interactive way to connect with friends. Certain games stand out for their ability to match well with the altered state of mind that comes with cannabis use.

Hemp Heroes, for instance, takes you on a Monopoly-like adventure but with a cannabis twist. On the other hand, classics like Settlers of Catan and Risk engage strategic thinking in ways that are both challenging and entertaining.

Games such as Dungeons and Dragons open up vast fantasy worlds where imagination runs wild, perfectly complementing the creative boost some strains of marijuana provide. Meanwhile, lighter games like Jenga test your physical precision and focus, adding an element of suspenseful fun to your session.

Whether it’s adopting strategy in Lords of Cannabis or being swept away by the storytelling in Dixit, these board games promise to elevate your high into an unforgettable social experience.

Hemp Heroes

“Hemp Heroes” is a cannabis-themed board game inspired by Monopoly, perfect for fans of the green. Players will navigate through the challenges of buying and trading properties while trying to outsmart their opponents in this pot-infused version of the classic game.

A cannabis-themed board game inspired by Monopoly

Players gather to indulge in Hemp Heroes, a game that transforms the classic Monopoly experience with a cannabis twist. This innovative board game invites participants to compete for dominance in the cannabis market by acquiring all strains from a single company and winning prestigious cannabis cups.

Designed specifically for enthusiasts of both board games and cannabis culture, it provides an engaging way to enjoy time with friends.

Hemp Heroes promises laughter and entertainment as players navigate their way through buying, trading, and selling various cannabis strains. The objective is simple yet thrilling: dominate the market and emerge victorious by being the first to collect an entire set from one company.

With each roll of the dice, players dive into a green-tinted world where strategy meets fun in this unique adaptation of a beloved classic.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan, a Euro-style strategy game, emphasizes resource management and negotiation skills. Players strategically build roads, settlements, and cities to dominate the island of Catan.

A Euro-style strategy game emphasizing strategy

Settlers of Catan brings players into a world where strategy takes the front seat, pushing luck and random conflict to the background. Players work to build settlements, cities, and roads on the island of Catan using resources like wool, grain, lumber, brick, and ore.

The game’s clever design encourages thinking ahead and planning each move with care.

In this Euro-style board game, interactive strategies between players make every session unique. Trading resources with others adds a layer of diplomacy that enriches the gameplay experience.

Success in Settlers of Catan isn’t just about what you have; it’s about how you use it to outmaneuver your opponents.

The true measure of success in Settlers of Catan is not simply gathering resources but mastering the art of strategic planning.

Dungeons and Dragons

Step into the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons and immerse yourself in an open realm of adventure, mystery, and magic. Read more to uncover the secrets that await you!

Board Games To Play While High

A legendary role-playing game set in an open fantasy world

Dungeons and Dragons, a legendary role-playing game set in an open fantasy world, offers players an immersive experience filled with storytelling, strategy, and creativity. With dice as the guide, participants navigate through imaginative realms while encountering mythical creatures and embarking on epic quests.

This captivating game not only allows for strategic decision-making but also encourages players to unleash their creativity as they shape their character’s journey – offering a unique gameplay experience especially enjoyable when combined with cannabis.

Played on a table with dice and storytelling, Dungeons and Dragons appeals to those seeking more than just entertainment; it provides a tailor-made adventure where players can become fully immersed in its ever-evolving storyline.


Dixit, a game centered around storytelling and enchanting illustrations, offers an imaginative and engaging experience for players. With its emphasis on creativity and interpretation, Dixit invites players to venture into a world of artistic expression and challenge their imagination in a captivating way.

A game revolving around storytelling and delightful illustrations

Dixit enthralls players with storytelling and captivating illustrations, perfect for an engaging experience while feeling elevated. Players craft imaginative associations for their cards, making it a pleasantly immersive game to play while high, stimulating creativity and laughter.

The game’s fascinating narrative elements and charming artwork make it a standout choice for an entertaining board game session in such moments.


Jenga, a classic party game that requires nerves of steel, adds an extra layer of excitement to your high gaming session. The challenge of carefully removing blocks from the tower while ensuring it doesn’t collapse brings thrilling suspense to the table.

A classic party game that calls for nerves of steel

Jenga, a classic party game, demands steady hands and intense focus as players carefully remove wooden blocks from a tower without causing it to collapse. The tension rises with each block pulled, making it an engaging and suspenseful game that is particularly thrilling for those looking for an exhilarating experience while high.

This nerve-wracking game is sure to keep the adrenaline pumping and the laughter flowing during any cannabis-fueled gathering.

As players take turns delicately maneuvering the blocks in Jenga, the anticipation builds with each successful move, creating an atmosphere of excitement and challenge. Whether played casually or competitively, Jenga’s simple yet gripping mechanics make it a perfect choice for enhancing the enjoyment of being high with friends.


Risk is a globally popular strategy game that involves diplomacy and conflict. Discover more about these best board games to play while high by delving into the full article.

A globally popular strategy game consisting of diplomacy and conflict

Risk, a globally popular strategy game, involves plotting and scheming against opponents to attain world domination. It is suitable for players of all ages and provides an exciting way to experience crazy alliances and plot against friends in a high-stakes environment.

Participants will find joy in engaging with the strategic elements of the game while developing diplomatic skills and fostering healthy competition. Whether playing on family game night or enjoying some downtime with friends, Risk offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that is both entertaining and mentally stimulating.

Amidst the nail-biting conflict and negotiation, players navigate their way through everchanging global dynamics, ultimately striving for victory by outmaneuvering competitors. With its focus on diplomacy and conflict resolution, this classic board game delivers hours of excitement as individuals strategize to gain control over continents while creating memorable moments with fellow players.


Monopoly, a game where players strive to dominate the board by buying, trading, and selling properties. The strategic gameplay of Monopoly makes it an ideal choice for an immersive experience while high.

A game where players act as landowners buying, trading, and selling properties

In Monopoly, players become landowners and engage in buying, trading, and selling properties to build their real estate empires. The game can last up to three hours, filled with strategic decision-making and negotiation.

Quality cannabis may help ease potential tensions during gameplay.

The game of Monopoly offers an engaging experience as players strategically navigate the complexities of property acquisition and financial management while vying for dominance in a competitive realm.

Lords of Cannabis

Lords of Cannabis presents a unique blend of strategy and cannabis-themed gameplay, making it an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their board game experience. Players can immerse themselves in the world of cannabis entrepreneurship, strategizing their way to victory while indulging in strategic fun.

A board game based around cannabis, fitting for a list of best board games to play while high.

“Lords of Cannabis” is a strategy board game designed especially for cannabis enthusiasts. Players aim to dominate the cannabis market, strategically navigating through challenges such as dodging the cops, evading the mob, and outsmarting opponents.

The game offers an engaging experience where players can build their own weed empire while enjoying fun and hilarious moments during gameplay. Similar to Settlers of Catan and Risk, “Lords of Cannabis” emphasizes trading, strategy, and risk in conquering the ever-evolving world of the cannabis market.

Finding the Best Board Games to Play While High

Here are the best board games to play while high: Hemp Heroes, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons, Dixit, Jenga, Risk, Monopoly, and Lords of Cannabis. These games offer a variety of styles and gameplay that can elevate your experience.

They provide an opportunity for fun and laughter with friends or family. With their immersive themes and engaging strategies, these board games add excitement to any social gathering.

Whether you’re seeking vibrant storytelling or strategic conquests under the influence of cannabis, these options have got you covered!