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It was only a matter of time before weed in Bangkok got touristy

For those traveling from countries where it’s still very illegal, being able to just go to a dispensary and buy weed is quite a thrill.

New company Budler is now offering bespoke sightseeing and dispensary “Bud Hopping E-tours” in Bangkok. From eight-hour tours to top Bangkok dispensaries (8 Hours of Magic) to an English-speaking “Budler Buddy” to show you around.  

The Old Bangkok tour, for example, takes travelers around hand-picked dispensaries in Old Town, boat tours, sites, and Khaosan Road. The Green On All Levels e-tour is a downloadable resource with maps, perks, and preselected dispensaries.

Since decriminalization, more than a million people have applied to grow cannabis via the government’s app. Similarly, over 5,000 licenses to businesses offering cannabis have opened, according to the Public Health Ministry. This industry could be worth B33 billion by 2025 and B322 billion by 2030 according to Grand View Research.

This is just the very latest in Bangkok’s weed boom, which has included culinary offerings, weed and wine pairings, and more. With the tourists returning—including tourists from China where marijuana is still highly illegal—tourist-centric weed is just beginning.