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Joint Rolling Tips and Tricks

If you are older than dirt like me, you’ll remember a time in the early 1990s when New Jersey rapper Redman taught us how to roll, blunt, and get f#cked up. Back then, I thought “blunt” was a sharp and curt way of talking to someone. They were fantastically naive days when scented smoke-filled buildings were the norm before smoking ban laws were enacted and the world turned into a bunch of worriers, cucks, and betas.

joint rolling tips

Now that weed is more accepted on a social level, you need to have access to the best joint rolling tips and tricks in your repertoire, just in case. But if you are all fat fingers and thumbs like a heavyweight boxing contender after a 12-round dust-up, you’ll need all the help and tips you can get.

In this day and age, you have access to all manner of blunts, flavored rolling papers, and flavored blunt wraps, which is great for you Thai weed smokers out there. There is so much choice, but if your rolling skills are subpar, you might as well be rolling a spliff on a beach mat in the middle of gale-force winds. Here are some valuable joint rolling tips to simplify your high life and elevate your smoking skills to godlike levels.

#1 – Be Prepared or Be Prepared to Fail

Surely you’ve heard this nugget of advice before. Make sure you have everything you need within close proximity. You don’t want to have a joint half-rolled and then realize you don’t have any roach material nearby. Have all your papers, blunts, blunt wraps, weed, roach material, prodders, lighters, and so forth within reaching distance. You’ll thank me for that later! I suggest having a big ganja tray to keep all your smoking paraphernalia in one place at all times.

#2 – Grind Your Weed Properly

Before you even get anywhere near a flavored blunt wrap, you need to ensure you grind your weed properly. I suggest removing any sticks before you even put them into your grinder because once the hard stems are chopped down, they are even harder to find and eliminate. And if you don’t remove them before you place them in rolling papers, rips and tears will happen.

The truth is that you need to grind your Thai weed properly, but not too much. A rough course grind is the best joint rolling advice I can give you. If you grind the weed too much, it might be too thin and dusty, and then it’s almost impossible to roll or keep in your joint. If you don’t start correctly, it will be wrong from the beginning, and you can’t have that.

#3: Choosing the Right Papers and/or Blunts

The size and type of rolling papers you need are very individual things that are defined by your own personal preferences and the smoking circumstances you find yourself in. For example, if you are in a group, you might need to buy extra-large rolling papers or one of those RAW ready-made cones. If you are alone, you might need small-size papers or my favorite size, which is the classic RAW 1-1/4 type.

If it’s a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas, you might want to buy yourself a Phillies Blunt or even a Backwoods Blunt, which are very popular with modern-day smokers. But if you are using papers, try to find ones made from hemp that are as thin as possible. No point in smoking on a joint that is all paper. Although I always prefer the RAW brand, other failsafe brands are Zig-Zags and the classic turquoise-blue Rizla products.

#4: Find Your Own Rolling Method

Rolling methods are like sex techniques. We all have our own style that suits our preferences and skill level. The truth is that you will need to practice no matter which method you decide to use, sex or joint rolling. Practice makes perfect, and spliff rolling isn’t exempt from the perpetual laws of nature. I can’t tell you how to technically roll a joint. You need to feel your way through that shit like Stevie Wonder did when his wife moved the furniture in the living room without telling him.

If you roll it too tight, it will be difficult to get a draw, and there will be lots of unwanted tar buildup and very little smoke in your lungs. But if you roll it baggier than MC Hammer’s dancing pants, you will either smoke the entire joint in two puffs or have debris all over your floor and clothes. Find a technique you like and practice, practice, practice. I personally prefer the pinch-and-roll method, although the pinch-and-fold method is probably a bit easier for joint-rolling novices.

#5: Don’t underestimate the roach

It’s very easy to underestimate the importance of getting the roach clip or filter part done correctly. Right off the bat, I highly recommend using the largest roach in length and width that you can muster because that will ensure a much smoother smoke. If you use the cotton wool-type roaches that you sometimes see with rolling tobacco cigarettes, they are not good for joints because they absorb some of the good stuff that should be going into your lungs.

I personally like to use cardboard from the rolling paper packaging because it’s robust and not too thin while still being pliable. An important joint-rolling tip for your filter is to ensure that the cardboard roach is pressed as far into the joint as possible and packed up against the start of the weed. Sometimes I also double-roll another roach that is a bit smaller and is used to plug any open gap in your roach area to ensure a clean pull with no weed dust flying into your mouth when inhaling. Always use a roach, or your joint will be subpar.

Joint Rolling Tips and tricks

Buying Your Own Joints in Bangkok

The truth is that some people have problems rolling high-quality joints no matter how much they practice or how many joint rolling tips and tricks they have learned. At the unique Cloud nine  cannabis dispensary and Thai weed shop, there are loads of ready-made joints that are pre-rolled. You can essentially buy your own joints in Bangkok, some of which are 100% weed while others are a mixture of weed and tobacco, so make sure you know the combination you are buying.

Rolling the perfect joint is the amalgamation of many components that need to come together to create the best weed smoke ever. Choose the right papers for the job, grind your weed properly, have all your stuff nearby, get your technique down, and place your roach at the end. Make sure you roll it not too tight and not too baggy. But once again, I cannot tell you how important it is to practice, so what are you waiting for?