Master list - All Cannabis Strains 3

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Effect & Flavours: Goofiez is up there in the top tier weed. It smells sweet and fruity with the taste like peach, with a little creamy hint and is really smooth to smoke.


Effect & Flavours: Taste like a sweet lemon with an earthy undertone. Headband makes you feel as if something is squeezing your temple, hence the name.


Effect & Flavours: From the first puff you can tell you’re in for a treat. Holy G has a complex flavour that cover almost all terpenes imaginable.


Effect & Flavours: A proprietary cross from the Thailand Dank Squad, Juicy Gold was created especially for Juicy Buds. It is a superb smoke that leaves the user with an uplifted, clear-headed, and lucid high.


Effect & Flavours: Smells and taste sharp sour like a fresh slice of lemon, just like its name. Lemon haze will leave your mouth watery with a sweet after taste after all the sourness.


Effect & Flavours: Killer Glue is a popular strain that came from two OG of marijuana, AK-47 and Original Glue itself. It taste sweet and floral, which make it really nice on exhale.


Effect & Flavours: Kush cake has a fruity and sweet nose with a vanilla aftertaste. It makes you relaxed and calm, which could also lead to couch-lock as well.


Effect & Flavours: This sativa-dominant variety boasts a citrus, floral-pine aroma that translates perfectly into a full-bodied flavour profile. Ideal for creative sessions.

PK #1

Effect & Flavours: A pungent flower reminiscent of classic skunk with hints of ammonia. This indica-dominant strain has a gassy flavour that hits hard.


Effect & Flavours: Pink Panther is great for migrains and headaches. It will make you happy and laughing away with your friends. It will also make you crave those munchies.


Effect & Flavours: Prominent aroma of sweet basil with hints of pine and a classic skunky aftertaste. This hybrid produces a pleasant smoke with aftertaste reminiscent of green tea. Ideal for combating depression.


Effect & Flavours: Rolls Royce has a sweet and cheesy nose to it. It taste very skunky with a hint of pine, which is surprisingly smooth. The high is strong and long lasting.


Effect & Flavours: Royal Jelly makes you feel as you got lifted up as your mind fly and then dunk into a pool of jelly, making your body sink. It taste tangy and creamy.


Effect & Flavours: Found on every Dutch Coffee Shop menu for decades, White Widow is a powerful strain that certainly ticks all the boxes. Boasting a delightful, fruity-citrus scent.


Effect & Flavours: This bud is absalutely covered with crystals. It has a gassy nose with an almost funky fruit like a fruit wine. This bud will make you mentally focus.

Stardawg Review


Effect & Flavours: Stardawg has a sweet grapy smell, but it taste floral and sweet, which make it quite delicious. You’ll feel uplifted, but your mind won’t be clouded.


Effect & Flavours: Despite being an Indica Hybrtid, it gives of sativa leaning effects like being energetic and euphoric. It also makes you super forgetful as well.


Effect & Flavours: Supra E85 has a funky diesel smell like its name suggested. It taste like petrol with a hint of sweetness hidden in there. This bud will knock you right in the face with the head buzz.


Effect & Flavours: Sweet Critical is an indica-leaning hybrid that boasts a sweet fruity nose and a fresh minty, pine flavour. A cross between Critical Mass and an unknown Swiss strain.


Effect & Flavours: This strain taste absalutely delicious with its artificial cheese taste with a hint of butter. Dutch Krush will gets you energetic and alert, while also increase your creativity as well.


Effect & Flavours: Peyote Gorilla smells sour like citrus with a hint of diesel, but it taste like petrol and earthy. It will send you into a bliss, makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. It also boost appetite quite well.

Amnesia Haze


Effect & Flavours: Bring much love to your day time and provide you with a huge amount of stamina and creativity for it. Very suitable to kill your to-do list. Any tasks can be done with much focus.

Birthday Cake Strain


Effect & Flavours: Be ready for a great experience of a blissful state of mind and an uplifting body high. It is quite soft and smooth. This strain has citric taste with sweet aftertaste staying with you as well.


Effect & Flavours: Uplifting and joyous variety known for providing relaxation as well as an easy-going feeling that all Cannabis consumers desire. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or a casual weekend warrior.

Gelato 33


Effect & Flavours: Gelato 33 has a citric and fruity taste, which is really tasty. It Smell sour and greenish similar to kaffir lime or bergamot. It gives you an uplifting and energetic high, which is great for hanging out with friends after work.

Goat Gas strain


Effect & Flavours: Goat gas is a great indica mix that will water your mouth with its sharp sour taste and the gassy notes. It gives off a cerebral high and will also increase your appetite for sweet things.

Jack Herer


Effect & Flavours: Called in name of “Hemperor”, this strain especially stands out as one of the classic vintage sativa dominant strains. With quite hazy taste and a bit earthy aftertaste.


Effect & Flavours: A very tight buds that explode when you grind them. Taste very gassy and has a sour note to it. It makes you wake up and alert, gives you energy and make you feel upbeat. It also increase creativity as well.


Effect & Flavours: Lilac Diesel is a balanced hybrid that boasts an aroma of lavender and pine with hints of diesel. It produces a pungent, potent grape/lavender flavour upon consumption, and offers an ideal strain for getting things done without intense lethargic effects.

Gelato Sundae strain


Effect & Flavours: This sweet sweet buds will blows your mind! The flavour you get from it is phenomenal, with a sweet and fruity notes to every puff you take. You will feel relaxed and have a body-stoned effect. Your thoughts will run wild for sure as well

Golden Lemon strain


Effect & Flavours: Like its name suggests, Golden Lemons has a sweet citrusy flavor and a gorgeous golden appearance. One joint could be amazing start of the day as this flower make sure you are awake and full as It gets an uplifting, energetic effects.

Mandarin Cookies strain


Effect & Flavours: A strain aptly named, Mandarin Cookie is tangy and strong. Despite being a balanced hybrid by the numbers, the effects are more indica leaning. Expect a calming and sedating buzz that’ll lighten the mood and have you relaxed the whole session.

Cheerios strain


Effect & Flavours: After a few puffs of Cheerios you will begin to feel a burst of energy and extremely focused. This pleasant, heady high is perfect for having a productive day at work as well as a night out on the town.

Orange Creamsicle


Effect & Flavours: Orange Creamsicle is an sativa dominant hybrid strain. This bud has a creamy and vanilla citrus flavor. The aroma is just as amazing, with hints of tangy bright citrus wrapped up in cream and sugar and topped with vanilla and a touch of earth.

Sour Diesel


Effect & Flavours: A descendant of the popular Chemdawg and Super Skunk strains, Sour Diesel is a strong sativa known and enjoyed worldwide thanks to its unique sour, gassy aroma and taste, as well as it’s potent high that gets users talkative and social.

Legend OG Strain


Effect & Flavours: A descendent of the famous OG Kush, Legend OG boasts pungent, floral and pine scents that transform into deep citrus and berry flavours upon consumption.